Health concerns as the popularity of vaping marijuana increases

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Results from a recent survey have indicated that an estimated 1 in 11 students in the US have used marijuana in electronic cigarettes and this has of course prompted health concerns about the current popularity of vaping among teens. According to reports, at least 2.1 million middle as well as high school students have used vaping marijuana.  It is however worthy to note that even though E-cigarettes typically contain nicotine, it is quite possible for the battery-powered devices to equally vaporize other substances including marijuana. That said, vaping is however generally considered to be less dangerous. There are shreds of evidences that burning tobacco or marijuana generates chemicals which are harmful to the lungs. Meanwhile, enough research is yet to be done on e-cigarettes and its long term effects.

Nevertheless, health officials are becoming worried that kids will get addicted to nicotine will likely trying cigarettes. This  explains why the Food and Drug Administration recently gave the five biggest e-cigarette companies two months to bring forth plans aimed at stopping the underage use of their products.

According to reports from Journal JAMA Pediatrics, an estimated 9 percent of the 20,000 students surveyed in 2016 acknowledged that they used an e-cigarette device with marijuana. This statistic however represents one-third of people who have ever used e-cigarettes. The lead researcher of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Katrina Trivers equally expressed her worries over the situation because according to her, the use of cannabis among youths will negatively affect learning and memory and may in the long run impair academic achievement.

Reports however also have it that students who have lived with a tobacco user are more likely than others to start vaping marijuana. Nonetheless, it is quite unclear, whether or not marijuana vaping is holding steady or increasing among teens. The reason is that even though the vaping devices have grown into a multi-billion industry, they are relatively new.

Shoppers in states where marijuana is legal can always buy cartridges containing THC (the chemical in marijuana that get people high), that works with a number of devices. Even though the most popular e-cigarette Juul doesn’t offer marijuana pods, its users can always refill cartridges with cannabis oil.

Another study that was conducted at the University of Michigan a few months ago revealed similar results as 8 percent of the 10th graders admitted to having vaped marijuana in the past year.

It is however imperative to note that the health risks of vaping is not only in the vaping devices, but also in the social environment that comes with it. According to one of the researchers at the University of Michigan, Richard Miech, kids who vape are likely to make friends with drug users and subsequently grow into drug users.


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