FDA does surprise visit at Juul offices & leaves with thousands of documents

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The FDA is taking the screws to ecig giant Juul Labs. Last Friday, the FDA showed up at the company’s headquarters and is said to have taken thousands documents while there. This surprise visit is due to the FDA’s effort to stop young people from vaping. Last April, the FDA had already asked Juul to provide more information to explain why Juul e-cigarettes had become so popular with teens. Apparently, the agency was not happy with the provided information and showed up last Friday to inspect documents in regards to the company’s sales and marketing tactics.

In the past, the FDA had already visited the contract manufacturing facilities to ensure they meet FDA standards. Two weeks ago, the agency also gave notice that Juul should provide information in regards to teen vaping of flavored e-liquid products.

Juul recently released a statement in which the company plans to address youth access to vaping within the 60 day deadline set by the FDA. They further states that the meetings with the FDA last week gave them a chance to provide info about the company, their marketing and their state-of-the-art age verification system.


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