FDA to stop the sale of sweet-flavord e-cigs to reduce teen vaping

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The FDA just announced that they are planning to stop the sales of electronic cigarettes with sweet flavors next week. This is done in an attempt to reduce teen vaping which the agency says has reached epidemic proportions.

Not only does this mean that sweet ecigs will be banned from gas stations and convenience stores, but also that stricter age verification requirements would be needed for online sales of e-cigarettes and vaping devices. Statistics show that most ecig sales take place offline, so the new rule would certainly affect many businesses negatively and therefore result in legal challenges.

The  most popular brand, Juul, would be particularly affect by the planned restrictions, but the company has yet to respond to this latest rule.

In September, FDA Commissioner Gottlieb had stated that his agency would stop all sales of flavored e-cigarettes if the most popular manufacturers couldn’t show they were trying to reduce underage sales. As a result, Juul, Vuse, Blu and others were ordered to submit strategies to reduce vaping by young people and were told that their products would be taken off the market if those plans were deemed ineffective.

For some reason, the FDA decided to ban sweet e-cigarettes on its own, even though these plans weren’t to be handed over till next week.


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